What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

The results of this past election proved once again that the Democrats had a golden opportunity to capitalize on the failings of the Trump Presidency but, fell short of a nation wide mandate. A mandate to seize the gauntlet of the progressive movement that Senator Sanders through down a little over four years ago. The opportunities were there from the very beginning even before this pandemic struck. In their failing to educate the public of the consequences of continued Congressional gridlock, conservatism, and what National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation would do led to the results that are playing out today.. More Congressional gridlock, more conservatism and more suffering of millions of Americans are the direct consequences of the Democrats failure to communicate and educate the public. Educate the public that a progressive agenda is necessary to pull the United States out of this Pandemic, and restore this nations health and vitality.

It was the DNC’s intent in this election to only focus on the Trump Administration. They failed to grasp the urgency of the times. They also failed to communicate with the public about the dire conditions millions have been and still are facing even before the Pandemic. The billions of dollars funneled into campaign coffers should have been used to educate the voting public that creating a unified coalition would bring sweeping reforms that are so desperately needed. The reality of what transpired in a year and a half of political campaigning those billions of dollars only created more animosity and division polarizing one extreme over another.

One can remember back in 1992 Ross Perot used his own funds to go on national TV to educate the public on the dire ramifications of not addressing our national debt. That same approach should have been used during this election cycle. By using the medium of television to communicate and educate the public is the most effective way in communicating and educating the public. Had the Biden campaign and the DNC used their resources in this way the results we ae seeing today would have not created the potential for more gridlock in our government. The opportunity was there to educate the public of safety protocols during the siege of this pandemic and how National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation provides the necessary progressive reforms that will propel the United States out of the abyss of debt and restore our economy. Restoring our economy so that every American will have the means and the availability of financial and economic security.

The failure of the Democratic party since 2016 has been recruiting a Presidential Candidate who many felt was questionable and more conservative signals that the results of today has not met with the desired results the Democratic party wanted. Then again? By not fully communicating and not educating the public on the merits of a unified progressive platform has left the United States transfixed in our greatest divides since the Civil War. This writers support of Senator Bernie Sanders is well documented. Since 2015 he has laid the groundwork for progressive reforms. He also has the foundations on which these reforms can deliver the goods as they say. But, what did the DNC do, they purposely went out of their way to engineer a candidate who was more in tune with the status-quo of the DNC. They failed to communicate to the public in educating all of us on the ways our lives would be better served with a progressive agenda that was the benchmark of Senators Sanders Presidential campaign and his Our Revolution movement. And this is way there is still really no progress in creating a less toxic environment in Washington and around the country.

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Business Management Mistakes Most Commonly Made

Announcing controversial issues with employees or even just one employee is a bad move in business management. Some managers feel comfortable enough with their staff that they often announce controversial issues that shouldn’t be repeated. The problems that occur when things are discussed with employees include resistance to work, lack of productivity, anxiety, and even company rumors. Discuss things with employees one-on-one if you need to prep them for something, but don’t announce controversial issues so everyone is stressed.Another rule of thumb when it comes to business management is not lying to your employees. If your employee asks you how their performance was, don’t tell them what they want to hear. Don’t ever lie to your employees. Be straight forward with everyone. When you are honest with your staff, they will trust you. Lying creates hostility and causes distrust within the workplace. If you are asked a question you are unable to discuss with staff, tell them you are not allowed to say at that time. Don’t lie.Another mistake managers make in business management is that they ignore their power and they are often surprised to hear when things go wrong. Because of your power as a manager, employees are not going to tell you everything due to fear. Employees will discuss among themselves but you may be the last to hear about issues. Issues might even be filtered and softened up before they get to you. In order to avoid being out of the loop, make sure you have tabs on all projects. Check up on employees without overbearing. Your presence should always be known.Some managers often underestimate the intelligence of their staff. Don’t gloss over problems and make things out to be better than they are to the staff. If there is a problem, discuss it with everyone as adults. Don’t gloss over issues when things are not going well. This is insulting to employees and they don’t appreciate it.Communication is vital in business management. Knowing the proper type of communication to use during certain times is important. Email is a common form of communication but it can be inappropriate to use when certain things need to be discussed. It is important to know when to use the right forms of communication with the staff. Different forms of communication might include a group meeting, one-on-one meeting, email, phone, etc. Decide which form of communication is appropriate before you talk to someone.Many mistakes managers make in business management cause serious problems with the staff. Some managers announce controversial issues, lie to their employees, ignore their power, underestimate the intelligence of staff members, and communicate inappropriately. Be honest with the employees and work with them the best of your ability and follow these key points. They will help you with your business management skills go a long way with your career.

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New Opportunities for Distance Learners

Every fall millions of students across the country go back to school. Armed with lunchboxes, backpacks, and even laptops, students fill classrooms in elementary and high schools as well as colleges and technical schools. But other students are also going back to school, just not to a classroom. Through distance education programs that have blossomed in the last few years, students are earning GEDs, completing college degrees, changing career directions and enriching creative outlets.

Dr. Tim Tomlinson, director of the Center for Distance Education at Northwestern College in Saint Paul, Minn., explains that initially distance education was developed with the non-traditional student in mind. “The non-traditional student is a natural for a online learning program. They use online learning for professional development, personal enrichment, degree completion, job advancement, home-schooling, even career changes,” he says.

But in the last couple of years it’s traditional students, those 18 to 24, who are also seeing the benefits of online learning. “For some it’s convenience and flexibility,” Tomlinson says. “While they work during the summer to earn money for college, they can complete courses without having to be on the campus and in the classroom. We have one traditional student who had to return to his home in North Dakota due to his father’s illness. Through online learning, he’ll be able to complete his degree.”

Traditional students have also discovered the financial benefit of distance education. Online education usually costs less, Tomlinson points out. “In some cases a student can cut 20 to 25 percent off the total cost of a four-year program by incorporating just one year of distance learning.”

In its simplest form, distance learning takes place whenever a student and instructor are separated by physical distance. One hundred years ago, the concept was known as “Correspondence School.” Today distance education uses textbooks, audio and video cassettes, fax, interactive television, audio conferencing and computer technologies such as CD-ROM, e-mail and the Internet.

Success in distance learning is neither automatic nor guaranteed, Tomlinson stresses. The challenge of introducing online education into the already precarious balance of work, family, recreation and civic/church activities is sometimes more than many are able to accomplish. Tomlinson pinpoints several factors that can steer the student to Success.

o Vision – A vision for the future will get students through times of doubt and discouragement and allow them to see beyond today’s sacrifice and effort.

o Discipline – Because most distance education students are already busy balancing work and family, discipline is necessary to successfully complete a course. Students need to acknowledge the forces, which might compete for the time, money and resources required for distance education, then focus on order and control.

o Accountability – By design, distance education usually lacks a high level of accountability. Some students welcome this while others find it difficult to motivate themselves. For those who need accountability, a teacher, friend, family member, mentor or pastor can direct accountability and keep students “on their toes” academically.

o Planning – Planning for distance education courses involves at least three elements:

1) Time – Determine how much time is required for each course and where to fit that time into a schedule.

2) Space – Choose a study area that is comfortable, not too hot or too cold and with adequate lighting with a minimum of distractions.

3) Resources – The basic resources include workbooks, textbooks, paper, dictionary, pencil or pen, paper clips. Additionally, courses may require a tape player, VCR, computer or online service.

o Perseverance – Thomas Edison said, “Inspiration is 99 percent perspiration.” In other words, succeeding at anything worthy–even online education – requires plain hard work. Beware of that first sign of waning perseverance, “I just don’t have the time. right now.” Don’t be tempted to put aside the course until things are less busy. Just as things move from order to chaos, they also move from busy to busier.


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