Telecommunication – Sending and Receiving Signals

Telecommunication is a process of sending and receiving signals over a telephone. Telephone here stands for the instrument which helps in making verbal exchanges at a distance. The word Telephone has been derived from the Greek for ‘Tele’ or ‘far’ and ‘phonic’ or ‘sound.’ Communication is a basic function common to all living beings, and merits no explanation.Since past few years we have witnessed extraordinary progress of the technology of Telecommunication. Though we still use wired telephones over shorter distances, radio or mobile telephony is starting to take over. Intercontinental communications are mostly wireless dominated.The story of Telecommunication began with Nikola Tesla demonstrating a method for Radio communications, about 1893. One year after, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, rang a remote bell, with the help of microwaves in the millimeter range. Bose was also the first to use ‘coherer’, which he invented, a semiconductor-junction detector in radio communication. He dedicated his invention to humanity and did not agree to patent it.Around the year 1896, Marconi used Wireless Telegraphy for conducting his experiments, and introduced the world to commercial telephony. From here, the march went only forward. After contributions from several inventors and discoverers, we talk to each other, using a variety of techniques like GSM, CDMA, Satellite telephony, etc. However, we use telecommunication not only on Terra firma. Explorer-I, a man-made satellite, which was launched nearly 30 years ago, and, which currently is on the extreme boundary of the Solar System, is still able to ‘Telecommunicate’ with us.

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